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Project Update: January 2023

Date: 5 Jan
Project Why? Update RAG
Digital Work Experience Portfolio for Cornish Students: Use ‘mission to mars’ model in 6 new pilots Mission to Mars is currently over subscribed and students lack the ability to book any other digital or technical work experience weeks in Cornwall. We have commissioned Software Cornwall to deliver these work experience weeks in Spring/Summer 2023 On track
Hackathon to improve work experience portal: The DSP can host a hackathon inviting students, freelancers, and local software developers and designers to create a new work experience site and portal. There isn’t a pupil facing web presence advertising work experience opportunities, reducing engagement and excitement around options. The hackathon idea has been taken forward to the model for Cornwall’s Digital Academy; this particular project may be something taken forward, along with others Delayed or deferred
Digital Futures Day / Schools Forum: The DSP will host an event to showcase a number of exciting jobs and companies in Cornwall. A large number of students in Cornwall are unaware of the possible digital jobs in Cornwall and the skills required to get those jobs. Not yet delivered Delayed or deferred
Digital Parents Newsletter: The DSP will create a 2 page newsletter that goes home to parents once a year, with an update on the digital sector in Cornwall. The newsletter includes facts and figures about the Cornwall digital sector, tips for getting kids into digital at home (low cost or free), awareness of events/opportunities happening in Cornwall (TechJams, Code Clubs, TECgirls, museum stuff). Parents in Cornwall are not aware of all the opportunities available in Cornwall for their kids. Cornwall Tech Times sent to 250 schools / 24,000 KS2 students in December 2022 COMPLETE
Cornwall Digital Festival: “A celebration and exploration of digital skills for all jobs, innovation in delivering training and education, and the future of Cornwall’s tech sector.” There is a lack of awareness locally about the digital jobs and opportunities within Cornwall. Pilot festival delivered in May 2022. Software Cornwall have taken on the festival and will be delivering a full programme of events in October(?) 2023. DSP will be a sponsor On track
Code Club Training Sessions: Run a Code Club training session with Software Cornwall to teach parents and volunteers how to run code clubs in their local schools. There are a limited number of Code Clubs in primary schools in Cornwall. A number of schools would like to run them, but don’t have the volunteers or training to know how. Kernow Code Club pilot delivered by EBP into 2023 On track
Deep Dive into future need: To best understand needs and to measure any lasting impact, we would like to undertake a deep dive study of the current digital skills landscape in Cornwall. While there are national digital skills objectives, the CIoS DSP wants to ensure that it serves the needs of local people in Cornwall. Delivered March 2022 and widely used by partners. Also helped to shape the Good Growth strategy and local skills plan, as well as play a part in the development  of a locally delivered Digital Academy for Cornwall. COMPLETE
Videos showcasing Tech careers: Series of 10 or more short videos introducing digital jobs in Cornwall. People in Cornwall (esp. young people) are not aware of the amazing careers available to them without leaving the county Delivered by Screen Cornwall, who also featured digital careers in their New Creatives campaign in 2022 COMPLETE
Cornwall Games Festival: Pilot event with activities for kids and adults, round tables, talks and networking There’s a growing games industry in Cornwall with a talent pipeline need Due to delays in funding from other sources, this has been put on hold; however DSP is still in conversation with Creative UK and Cornwall Games about potential opportunties Delayed or deferred
Strategic PR campaign: Including local press There needs to be more visibility of the projects the partnerships are doing and the impact its making Delivered by Halo PR & Comms, tying in with UK Launch On track
Tech Jams for grownups: Pilot event using Software Cornwall’s tech jams model but adapted for grownup. Parents in Cornwall can’t support their children’s’ learning as they don’t or can’t access higher digital skills themselves Adult tech jam completed as part of the 2022 festival of tech. Software Cornwall are planning to do more in 2023 COMPLETE
What is a? events/comms project: Align with Cornwall College and T&P in terms of next steps training A large number of digital jobs have only been created in the last 5-10 years. How do we promote these jobs to people in Cornwall who might not be aware the exist Focusing on Createch, ‘Imagination Unleashed’ will showcase the createch opportunity in Cornwall for schools and industry. 22nd March On track
Inclusive recruitment series: What can the tech industry teach others about best practice? How can we promote best practice within the sector? Cornish businesses are struggling to recruit and are missing out on great candidates because of outdated recruitment practice We have been part of events hosted by Exeter University and TECWomen focusing on women in tech, and delivered Take Up Space alongside Truro & Penwith College and TECWomen, for women and girls interested in careers in space On track
Tech Talent Charter: UP jobs and Software Cornwall to investigate signing Tech Talent charter with all job adverts The tech industry is not diverse Tech Talent Charter CEO spoke at an event in Cornwall; we have yet to gather data about signups. Interested in whether start up initiatives like LaunchPad could include becoming a signatory as part of the journey. Partial success
Cornwall Digital Award: As a first step DSP/Software Cornwall supporting a new category in the Cornwall Business Awards around digital/tech. There needs to be a way to celebrate all of the wonderful companies in Cornwall doing amazing things. Supporting a new category in the Cornwall Business Awards – roll over to 2023 Delayed or deferred
DSP projects winning awards: There are several national awards for ‘tech for good’ projects. We will enter DSP activities and also projects that partners are doing in their own businesses. There needs to be more visibility of the projects the partnerships are doing and the impact its making DSP Shortlisted for Tech South West Award 2022. TEC Women / TEC Girls won 4 Tech South West Awards Partial success