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Good Growth | Digital Skills

Date: 9 Jun

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly have been allocated £132 million for local investment through the Shared Prosperity Fund. We are currently in year two of a three year delivery window.

£2m has been allocated for Digital Skills, delivered through an open process.

Cornwall Council’s Digital Future team has secured resource to coordinate a collaborative consortium bid for this Digital Upskilling fund, comprising local digital skills delivery partners. This forms part of the Digital Future strategy‘s ambition to:

“Establish an academy that …brings together public sector, private enterprise and education to develop the new core digital skills and foster a culture of innovation. Helping to raise the aspirations of a future workforce in the future of digital careers in Cornwall.” 

The intention of such a bid follows a general principle established within the Digital Deep Dive report to ensure that moving forwards digital skills support in the county is visible and joined up, and that the interventions are bolder rather than chipping away at the edges.  

The aim is that the portfolio of activity delivered by the consortium would ensure no gaps are left and maximum value is created against the Good Growth outcomes. The programme aims to digitally upskill individuals in Cornwall and IoS to: 

  • support digital/tech sector growth
  • create a pipeline of talent for the Cornish Digital Sector
  • create pathways for progression into digital education, careers and field of work
  • address the gender profile, age profile and wage gap within the sector

The programme will work in partnership with the CIoS People Hub and Good Growth Hub to support individual needs and engage and understand employers’ digital skills requirements. Successful programme delivery will be supported by an employment and skills portal being delivered by Cornwall Council, which will provide access to a range of information advice, guidance and support. The programme will also support essential life and workplace digital skills by collaborating with the Digital Inclusion Team, Adult Education service, People Hub and Growth Hub to identify gaps in provision and also ensure joined up signposting.  

The Digital Future Academy, throughout the process, will work closely with partners to understand the gaps in existing provision, and include activities to address those gaps in the programme. Activities are required to meet the current and future needs of individuals and employers (both in the digital sector and the wider business-base).  

The programme activities would take place at a variety of locations, as well as utilising technology to offer virtual participation, to maximise geographical spread, particularly focusing on the most deprived neighbourhoods. The project will also link up activity in place based digital skills hubs in key areas.

The programme will commence from the 1st January 2024, with a spend end of 31st March 2025. If funding timeframes allow we would be able to begin delivery sooner than 1st January 2024. 

If you are interested in joining the consortium, please fill in this form to register your interest.

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