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Tech Files: Selvi Nachiyar

Date: 20 Sep

Name: Selvi Nachiyar

Role: Data Developer at Headforwards

What does that mean?

Headforwards is an outsource software development company that builds systems for clients in different industries, using agile strategies. I’m a developer in the BI and data team, and I work with our local authority client to turn their data into reports and dashboards that give them information they can use to develop better services.

How did you get where you are today?

I actually enjoyed biology most at school. But I also had a passion for computing and I’m good at maths. I naturally developed problem-solving skills, and I’m good at troubleshooting and finding the root cause for issues. I was always the person at home and at school that people came to with their computer problems.  

How  can parents help girls find a career in tech?

There are lots of opportunities for girls to deepen their skills – there are coding camps for girls from as young as six. And you can emphasise to girls that this is an area where they can easily work from home when they’re older, they can work part-time, they can work around care commitments. It’s a very flexible career option.