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Where to donate computer equipment in Cornwall

Date: 18 Aug

The last year has shown just how important it is for everyone to have access to computer equipment at home. It’s also a time when many have invested in new kit for home offices or home learning, and may well be looking for new homes for older equipment. Here’s a roundup of what to do with laptops and other equipment gathering dust in a cupboard.


PL24Reboot is a community project providing free laptops for those who need them in the PL24 area (Par) and elsewhere in Cornwall.

The project started during the January 2021 pandemic lockdown, when there were lots of children home-learning with inadequate access to a suitable device. Now, the project has expanded to provide laptops to anyone in Cornwall who needs one to learn, get a job or just connect with other people.

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The new actnow service, in partnership with Computers for Charity, will collect from you, strip the data and send refurbished computers to Africa or people with very low incomes in Cornwall. Of course, all your own data will be stripped from the computer first – at no charge to you.

All you have to do is contact Computers for Charity and your old equipment will be collected for only £2.50 an item or free of charge if you have over 20 items. (Next day collection also available at a supplement.)
To arrange collection, call 01288 361199 or email [email protected]

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The BBC also has lots of useful links.


If the equipment is very old or broken, don’t resort to landfill. There are plenty of places that will recycle your stuff, often collecting for free.

One of the best charities for recycling is WEEE. There’s also CPR.

In Cornwall, you could try Innovent for computer recycling.